Exhibition project "Player Unknown's Battlegrounds"​

The exhibition project was handed over to me by the customer without textures.

My task was to create and visualize a 30 meters long, high-resolution texture in grunge concrete look. The picture above shows a rendered preview.

The texture consists of a shuttered concrete background, many dirtmaps and different texture decals.
The result can be seen in this video.

Gaming Booths

The pop-up walls serve as room dividers for different teams at a gaming event.

For the step and repeat logos i created a Google spreadsheet, which the customer could edit himself. 

With “data merge” in Indesign, the spreadsheet was imported and converted as a graphic, so that the customer could see his frequent change requests of the sponsors rendered after a few minutes.

Realisation in Dallas

Gamescon 2018 ESL / Vodafone Booth-Design

The task was to develop the graphic design concept of the ESL/Vodafone gaming lounge.


Realization at Gamescom

Gamescon 2018 Paradox booth

My task was to develop the design of the stand, visualise it in renderings and to create a printable version.
See a video tour of the client through hall 9 showing the ESL / Vodafone (1:45) and Paradox (2:27) stands I designed.

Fictional exhibition booth

Rendering of a fictional minimalistic exhibition booth. The basic idea was to use a U-shaped base object and create everything else as variants of the shape.